Female artist of the year at Somojo

Somojo Radio is an indie netstation playing eclectic music across styles and genres from round the globe. Artists on the site are by invitation of the station, which is trilingual (English, German and French). It’s a growing community that has the sound of a musician-created radio.

I’ve been voted 2010 female artist of the year at Somojo!

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Somojo Artist of the Year Awards 2010
Selected releases

PIXSID – Atoms Apart (album) duo with Dj Sid-the Apocalypze
Cwtch – be.ep (EP) duo with Dementio13
Crimson Death vs. Pixieguts (EP)
Voide – Red Turns To Blue (album) Pix vocals on 4 tracks
Max Waves – Music for Microworlds (EP) Pix vocals on 2 tracks
Pixieguts – immaterial (album) Pix vocals in songs with various artists