Pixicast Episode 004

Episode 4 of Pixicast travels the cyberglobe to uncover a rich vein of vocal electronica thriving in the independent zones of post rock, trip-hop, idm, alternative and related genres. Counterpointing this and rounding out the episode are a selection of funky and exquisite electro-instrumental sounds we just had to share.

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01 TheTreesOdd One Out (UK)

02 VFSixMoscow (Russia)

03 Voodoo EconomicsIn the next place, cement will float like trees. (USA)

04 Re-DrumPurple (France)

05 Serkan SüleymaniyePir (Turkey)

06 AutorotationGinger Pants (UK)

07 Vienna Psychoanalytical SocietyThere Is No Normal (Canada)

08 Fox ThomasDying (UK/Netherlands)

09 Jane SilenceAche (USA/Greece)

10 Jennifer DelanoAmsterdam – Si Begg’s Grumpy Old Dj Remix (Netherlands)

11 CwtchFragility (Wales/Australia)

12 Max WavesDouble-U (t-phone mix) (Italy)

13 BaskylMrs. Sibah Reign (Germany)

14 Distant Fires BurningMessier 70 – NGC 6681 (Belgium)

Show is jointly programmed by host producer Voide in Stockholm and publisher Pixieguts in Australia and focusses on the music of artists around the Palace Network.

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