‘Reflections’ is the first track in a new collaboration between music producer Max Waves in Italy and vocalist Pixieguts in Australia.

A downtempo ballad with a touch of classical, rap and trip-hop, we hope you enjoy.

Hear the song at Reverbnation and The SixtyOne with free download here for a limited time.

Lyrics are from the writings of Andrei Masliev (Canada) and TRavvy (Australia).

In the week since its release for previewing ‘Reflections’ has already…

  • Hit the homepage at The SixtyOne music site alongside Arcade Fire
  • Featured as track of the Week at IMISound
  • Programmed in the Future Now podcast by Green Dragon (aka the UK’s 1st podcaster)

Thanks to all who have supported our new musical journey so far!

‘Reflections will be officially released later in the year on Max Waves ‘Music for Microworlds’ album.