Pixicast – Episode 003

Episode 3 of Pixicast surveys a lush landscape of global electronica, from soulful UK post rock and experimental through Italian neo classical breakbeats, microhouse from Germany, Swedish synth retro, Melbourne alt electro, big band dnb from Toronto, Spanish psytrance, New York sultronica and more.

Hosted by Voide in Stockholm and published by Pixieguts in Australia through the Palace Network.

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1. 4our5ive6ixSomething Light (UK)

2. Dementio13The Magic of Tea (Wales)

3. Bette DillingerPluto’s Return (USA)

4. Max WavesNachtmusik V (Italy)

5. KeinzweiterBeaujolais Primeur (Germany)

6. VoideTraffic (Sweden)

7. The Peach TreeOn This Summer’s Day (Australia)

8. Crimson DeathSing3 Remix (Canada)

9. Electromagnetic ImpulsesReboot (UK)

10. QuanticaDream Liner – Remix (Spain)

11. Hot Bitch Arsenalmusic don’t stop (nebulae’s music DOES stop remix) (USA)

12. Radio ScotvoidDooshbag (Cuddlecat Remix) (USA/UK)

13. ClutterSeven Minutes to Wisdom (UK)

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