‘immaterial’ – pixieguts album release

now on official digital release, immaterial is the third collection of trip house electro featuring vocals by Australian artist Pixieguts

free one-click download of the album in mp3, wide range of higher quality formats for purchase.

featuring tracks produced by electronic artists around the world…

Dementio13 (Wales)
Mr Collie (USA)
Titee (Australia)
Northcape (England)
Iannis Loumakis (Greece)
Adrian Carter (England)
Royce Icon (USA)
Voide (Sweden)
Baxandall IP (Poland)
Crimson Death (Canada)
Dj Brody (England)
TRavvy (Australia)

preview the tunes…

play: Pixiegraf V2 (with Dementio13)
play: Pacific Highway (Northcape Version)
play: Clearview (Mr Collie’s Deep Mix)
play: Droma (with Titee)
play: Line (Iannis Loumakis’ mo’money mix)
play: Last Time V2 (w Dementio13 + TRavvy)
play: Waves (with Royce Icon)
play: Sun Diviners (Voide Remix)
play: Shot After Midnight (with Crimson Death)
play: Dawning (with Dj Brody)

album art by Gurdonark

immaterial is also available at Last.fm


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