Pixieguts Reviewed

Review by Marvin at Free Albums Galore

Pixieguts is a bizarre name for someone with such a pretty and sensuous voice. The Australian vocalist specializes in cyber-collaborations with electronic artists throughout the world. The results are collected on three albums under her own name and a team effort album with Wales’ electronic sound artist Dementio13. All these albums explore various territories of trip-hop, drum & bass, IDM, trance, and pretty much anything else lurking in the electronic music scene. Pixieguts brings a lot of talent to these tracks but how she interacts these studio producers and remixers is the real treat.

Her three online albums are titled Pixieguts!, Evolution, and Walking on Mercury. They all have interesting collaborations exhibiting a good amount of variety. The cast of collaborators is internationally diverse including Dementio13 (Wales), Crimson Death (Canada), Dj Sid-the Apocalypze (USA), Iannis Loumakis (Greece), Mario Dujic (Croatia), Metricks (Portugal), The Peach Tree (Australia), Phase Speed (New Zealand), DJ Brody (England), Baxandall IP (Poland) and others. Whether it is the techno rush of “Long River (Titee’s Remix)” from Pixieguts!, the haunting “Lullaby (with Dj Sid-the Apocalypze)” from Evolution or the rave beats of “Determination (with Electromagnetic Impulses)” from Walking on Mercury, something always interesting is going on.

However my favorite tracks are the ones with Dementio13. Pixiegraf collects all the collaborations between Pixieguts and Dementio13. Most, if not all, of these can be found on the other three albums but it is nice to have them together in one place. Part trip-hop and part ambient with just the right amount of beats, Dementio13 delivers the perfect atmosphere to Pixieguts’ somewhat ethereal vocals as evidenced on such tracks as “Antartica”, “Currawong Rise”, and “Pacific Highway”. This is my favorite of the albums due to the strong interaction between the musicians and the unrelenting groove even on the quieter tracks. Start with this collection but if you like what you hear, check out the rest.”

Walking On Mercury


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