The Palace at Halloween

As Halloween approaches and the year heads towards a finale, there’s heaps happening around the Palace with independent music and events. The original venue at is now approaching 400 members and the newer Ning network has attracted over 100 members. Thanks to all who have been involved to date! All participation is very welcome so remember to check in on the sites from time to time and get involved at whatever level you fancy – we’re friendly, no need to be shy!

Net radio news…

Continuing the tradition of John Peel’s annual Festive Fifty, voting is now open at net station Dandelion Radio for the top tracks and artists of 2008. The Festive Fifty has played a significant role in the discovery and rise to prominence of many top artists since it was first broadcast in 1976 and is really worth the once-a-year participation. All are invited to vote for their top 3 tracks/artists of 2008 before the November 30 deadline.

While you’re over at Dandelion Radio, check in on Mark Whitby‘s outstanding monthly show, repeated several times throughout each week. Mark is a fantastic, widely knowledgable dj and a great champion of independent music online and on stage. He regularly programs artists from the Pixies Palace network, so far including 4our5ive6ix, Subliminal Attraction, Titee, Sicilian AV project, Dj Blush, yodashe, Adrian Carter and others. There’s still time to catch Mark’s great October show and his November program will include music from Northcape, Dementio13, Pixieguts, Electromagnetic Impulses and Crimson Death in a mix of music from around the world and a deliciously wide array of genres.

Electronic artists! Now is the time to get your music to DJ UKRed for the big Xmas Special of the electronica program Neon Beatz at Scrub Radio! Last year’s show was a blast with a high spirited live chat party of artists and listeners from around the world all mixing it up during the session. This year’s 4 hour show is scheduled for December 4/5 (timezone calculator on the site). The Xmas Special is a three way collaboration between Neon Beatz, EI Network and Pixies Palace and really is an online event not to be missed! Neon Beatz also plays Palace artists on the regular weekly program throughout the year and the Xmas Special is a good way to get in on the action. Full details about submissions for the show and participation in the chatroom party can be found on this link.

Palace artists high in our recent group charts at…

Dementio13 Feat Pixieguts
The Peach Tree
Phillip Wilkerson
Renato Ventura

Thanks to listeners who put my Pixieguts collaborative music project in the recent top listening too.

Featured new artists at the Palace this month…


Psytrance, Spain Artist Profile
Palace Ning Profile


Electronic, Australia Artist Profile
Palace Ning Profile


Alt Rock, Argentina Artist Profile
Palace Ning Profile

Featured new artists are selected from recent network arrivals who have uploaded music both at and at Pixies Palace Ning, as a way of introducing listeners to network artists they might not yet be familiar with.

Tech tips of the month… users who have missed the capacity to recommend music to all friends since the site changes in July will love this great new script created by Tobi of Keinzweiter. Enter your username to generate a list of all your friends that can be pasted into artist/album/track recommendations boxes at Best to send recs in batches of 50 or less. You can reward Tobi for his generosity in creating and hosting this great new feature by checking out his fantastic music – you’ll be rewarding your ears as well! (p.s. please share this link with some care – we don’t want closing this down on us as they have with other music recommendation options).

Ning users – continuing your participating in forums is easier if you set your default settings to ‘follow’ any discussions you have posted to. Select ‘My Settings’ at the top right of any network page, then select the ‘Email’ tab to check and/or change your default settings. You can also have fun redesigning your member profile page using the link under your profile photo. Most module boxes appearing on member pages are also movable up and down and around the page by clicking and dragging on the bar at the top of each module. Any other tech questions or tips can be posted in this forum.

For the most reliable ongoing hookup to everything related to Pixies Palace, join the mailing list.

Thanks for being with us and happy Halloween!



4 thoughts on “The Palace at Halloween

  1. Yeah, Mark Whitby’s show is brilliant and he is playing your wonderful version of Pacific Highway all this month, Northcape!

  2. I posted on the wrong entry before (d’oh) but great blog! Listening to Mark Whitby now- superb show, I think I’ll have to check it out more often. Heard EI/Crimson death earlier, hoping NC is on as well :-)

  3. Cheers for the comment.Neon Beatz has no podcast – it’s a weekly live net radio show hosted year round by Dj UKRed and playing only independent electronica. There’s also been a group of artists and listeners meeting in the chatroom for the show each week – this basically started with last year’s xmas show :)

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