The New Pixies Palace Bulletin Blog

Welcome! It’s been well over a year since the Palace kicked off at and there’s been a lot of new independent music, connections, collaborations, discussion and listening that’s happened over that time. We have now branched out onto the Ning site too. These bulletins cover both venues. Please join the mailing list for the best ongoing hookup!

Check out this month’s featured new artists at the Palace…

VOIDE (Sweden)
Retro electro techno
Featured track: Dream Machine
Featured album: Evolution Profile
Pixies Palace Ning Profile

Drum n bass
Featured track: Fate
Featured album: Bass UK Profile
Pixies Palace Ning Profile

Ambient electronica
Featured track: What’s Going On
Featured album: Project I Profile
Pixies Palace Ning Profile

Palace artists high in our recent group listening at…

Phillip Wilkerson
Solid Electro
Terry Springford
Aleksandr Shubin

Thanks to listeners who put my Pixieguts collaborative music project high in the charts too.

Get involved in some collaborative music making..

Titee’s new 10-Artist Collab Project – ‘Decabitch’

Dementio13 Remix Project

EI Network 50 Artist Collab Project

Baskyl Call for Remixes

Read and participate in some group discussions…


Genre Blurrers

What is a real artist?

What’s your strategy/working method?

Word Association Game

The beauty of the mp3

Some of these discussions have been going on for over a year so don’t be put off if the most recent post is a little while ago – time works differently in cyberspace!

There’s heaps more to explore, connections to be made and resources found at Pixies Palace-Ning and Pixies

Delightful adventures in sound to you!



5 thoughts on “The New Pixies Palace Bulletin Blog

  1. Cheers as always, and I’m excited NC will be played on Dandelion radio as well, thanks for the heads up!

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